YouTube, the Once and Future King

YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) has yet to really challenge Netflix, Prime or Hulu, Apple TV—yet. But it may own the future. YouTube Premium doesn’t have the award-winning and buzzworthy programming like Netflix and Hulu. And the huge traction it has as a “free” video service could be holding the paid service back, but that should not last. If the great minds at Google are ever able to really exploit all of their resources, they could and should dominate OTT.
1500 YouTube channels now have more than 1 million subscribers. YouTube overall reaches more of advertisers’ most desirable demographics, 18-34 and 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US. 180 million Americans log on every month.

YouTube is already the world’s second largest search engine (after it’s parent Google). YouTube is also the second most trafficked website (behind Google again). Over one billion hours of videos are watched every day.

The other considerable advantage I see that YouTube has over its competitors is that is primarily a mobile platform. 70% of traffic now comes from mobile. Half of the videos you watch are originating from mobile. YouTube mobile ads are 84% more likely to hold attention than TV ads. If your smartphone is the gateway to your entertainment, then YouTube could eventually lead the way.
YouTube is now 14 years old. 2 billion unique individuals log in monthly that’s 25% of people on the Earth with videos now available in 80 different languages. That gives YouTube a wide lead in terms of building a global brand over its competitors.

YouTube has a bright future in OTT. Whether you are looking at your own YouTube page or re-vamping your social media advertising strategy, it needs to play a major role in your 2019-2020 media plans.